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November 2005
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Adam Jeremiah Everett [userpic]

A manifesto written by my friend Mike. Spread it, and give him love. He is awesome.

feeling like: determineddetermined

A manifest/i>? Dude, the Unabomer (that's how the FBI spells it), writes manifestos. And he was also a math person. Thanks for putting me in the same category as the frickin' Unabomer! =)


*hugs* (Real ones XP)

You're awesome.

meh. if i was so awesome, i would have closed the italics tag in the last comment. =)

*real hugs back*

If you happen to be a person who was the recipient of a beautiful grey silk jacket that fit perfectly after the loppemoffame - perhaps you may understand now why we had some difficulty with that person. :P

We are sorry about that - Regards; ... all of us.

I don't think that was me, mostly because I have no idea what you mean, and I think that if I was the person you thought I was, I would know. That seems logical, anyway.

Well, that's why we picked it. :) Oh well. Hello in any case.